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pretty goood

well i was really astounded by this piece of art.You do like that fma girl do you:p Have i mentioned how good this is, hmmmm .5++ immedeatly
and that was a naruto song right?

well good luck with this awesommenes


man pls get some new ideas

i've seen this over and over again but with other images,
and u could at least make a storyline or something instead of just a bunch of movieclips repeating themselves untill the song is over.


FattyWhale responds:

the storyline is pure gold


man that cracked me up big time.I'm stil laughing while i'm writing this ^^
oh and u get a 5 just for using the'everyone has aids' song.Team Amerika owns.
keep up the humor


Ryan-Smith responds:

Awesome thanks, I wish a lot more people would have found it funny enough to 5 it.

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hey this is a very good tutorial but there are still some mistakes i'd like to point out(or if you'd care to explain why)
first, i know it's anime, but your chins are a little bit too pointy.
second, when following the mouth mini tut i noticed that the shade of your noses are rectangular while ur nose is a triangle like thing and i wondered HOW IN THE WORLD can a triangle cast of a square as a shade...
and third, the last pages of the body tut, you drew a man with a sword and the next page u shaded him but you did it extremely wrong.Not that the shading itself is wrong but it is coming from a lot of different directions(the light source i mean) and it becomese all messed up( i'll try to tell where: the blue jacket is lighted at the top and it is the most attractable thing of the drawing so it would seem that the light is abov e him, the pants seem to be ok but still it seems that the light comes from the right when u look at it, the collars of his shirt are lighted inwards, that would mean the light source is inside his chest?You tried to shade the head with a gradient but forgot something:THE HAIR. so assuming that you intended the light to come from above, there should be shade beneath the hair first.so the original drawing looks better)

it's a great tut for beginners though^_^

Maybe it could be ok

but it's TOO big, when u've read about 6 pages, it all starts lagging like hell and my pc freezes.I've read about others too who have had this problem. It even lagged when the title came on screen or something and that's really annoying, it almost looks like ur watching at 6fps

but it's probably very good i suppose^^


that was very cool

but it has a lot of flaws. The screen was way too small compared to the face thingies u drew. And they were crappy too.I like the idea very much but you should've payed waaaay more attention to your artwork and graphics an perhaps your layout. Then it would get a way better score

but still fun


Mechabloby responds:

I know. I'll fix all that in the next one. thanks for your review. :)

wicked stuff gets uploaded here and i want to share MY wicked ideas with the world

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